Crowsnest Nordic  Groomer's Report




Update March 16, 2021


Well I hesitate to do this but I finally have to admit that grooming is finished for the year.  It's been a challenging grooming and ski season but we managed some outstanding conditions mixed with some not so outstanding conditions.  


Warm spring like conditions have made grooming impossible.  So far we have a good base on all upper trails.  Lower trails may have spring hazards.  Skiing can continue for as long as we have snow.  


Snowshoe, walking & fat biker trail etiquette:

With grooming winding down, it more important than ever that snowshoes, hikers and fat bikes only use trails designated as "Multi-use Trails".  Please do not use trails designated as "Ski Only Trails. " With reduced grooming, the divots and tracks you leave on groomed ski trails present a significant safety hazard for skiers.  The Club thanks everyone for their cooperation in maintaining the integrity of this wonderful Nordic ski venue.


Help support the Crowsnest Nordic Ski club’s efforts to maintain these great Nordic ski trails for everyone.  You can purchase a membership or donation online via our website or you can donate at the Allison trail head.  Thank you for your kind support.




Crowsnest Nordic Ski Club

Grooming Report

Report Updated: March 16, 2021.  10:00 am


Ski only trails.  

No Dogs Allowed Dec 1 to March 31. 

Dogs allowed at Tecumseh trail head. 

Trail Roller Packed Groomed Track Set


Day Use Area   Feb 28   Feb 28 Excellent 



Lower Trails:

Rainbow, Lower Mainline, Jackrabbit, Shotgun,


  Feb 28   Feb 28 

 Spring conditions vary with elevation.  Ski with caution. 

Upper Trails:

Upper Skidder, Whitetail, Cedar, Cabin, Cutline, Bull Moose, Hiking, Mill, Cutoff, Upper Mainline, Martin, Campground Loops
  Feb 28   Feb 28  

Spring conditions vary with elevation.  Ski with caution. 



Snowshoe Trails 

Please do not walk/snowshoe on groomed ski trails.

Trail Packed Condition/Rating
Rainbow, Mainline, Otter User packed

soft trails

 Allison Creek Bench User packed

soft trails

Creekside, Chinook Ridge, Snowshoe Hare, Otter User Packed soft trails



Dog Friendly Multi-purpose Trails 


Dogs welcome year round. Trail access from Tecumseh

parking area.  See map. 

Multi-purpose Trail


Roller Packed No tracks  Groomed Condition/Rating 

Lower Skidder,


Upper & Lower Haul, 


Feb 28


Spring conditions vary with elevation.  Ski with caution.